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Jan 25, 2013 12:00pm EST
>> tonight on the, we are examining the culture of lies in the wake of the manti te'o scandal and beyonce's allegedly it sink at the inauguration. -- and beyonce's lip sync at the inauguration. >> we got an in depth all -- an in-depth look at the reason why we live. there are several different reasons. we have a lot more on the manti te'o scandal and how he could be taken in by somebody who was lying, someone who said he was a sheet. also, lance armstrong who spent many years aggressively lying about doping. there is a difference between the reasons why men what -- why men like and why women lie. -- white men lie and why women live. men will lie to protect what they have and women will do it to be more polite or be part of the group. we are finally going to weigh in on the beyonce lip syncing controversy. a lot of people saying what does it matter? we had the marine corps band that wasn't really playing. it occurs a lot more often than you really think. we will look predict river dance, for example. -- we will look -- riverdance, for example. >> the whole, sept concept of catfishi
Jan 24, 2013 12:00pm EST
the new dam linebacker. hear from manti te'o. >> a race against time and the elements. racing to save three people from one of the coldest places on earth. speaking of coming here is a live look outside, where the >> the desperate search is on this noon to find a plane that vanished over antarctica. three canadians were on board that flight headed from the south pole to the research station elsewhere on the continent but officials in new zealand say the plane never showed up. the onboard emergency transmitter went off wednesday night within the designated area. now they are mobilizing resources to find the missing three. we continue our snow coverage this noon with a look at the conditions here in virginia. >> was a busy morning for of the doubt and police as they dealt with for roads and several accidents. >> spending and slipping. this morning, some drivers in northern virginia ran into hazardous conditions on the snow-covered slick roads. >> on the back roads, there was something going on. police fire, so i turned around. >> -- the police have responded to several accidents on
Jan 28, 2013 12:00pm EST
share with viewers the claims that manti te'o was duped by online girlfriend. after day and at >> the worst of the weather has moved through. >> a warming trend over the next couple days and the potential to see those temperatures spike significantly. it depends on the sunshine tomorrow and wednesday. should there be more sunshine than we expect currently, it will be warmer than what you see on your screen. acting to 53 degrees tomorrow and 62 on wednesday. late-day and the storm's expected wednesday and some could be strong. back to reality and business as usual. highs in the 30's friday through the weekend with snow flurries.
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3